Jackson Talks “Hobbit” FPS, Three Films?

While the Comic-Con presentation for Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit” went over smashingly, there were some lingering questions in regards to the movies that didn’t come up in the public forum. The assembled press however did probe Jackson and crew about some of the issues that many are still wondering about.

First up the reports of Jackson and company having so much material that they could conceivably turn these dual films into a possible trilogy. Asked about the reports, Jackson tells Hitfix that “We have certainly been talking to the studio about some of the material we can’t film, and we’ve been asking them so we can do a bit more filming next year. I don’t know what would come of that, whether it’d be extended editions or whatnot. But those discussions are ongoing.”

Then of course there’s the 48 frames-per-second presentation. With the reviews from CinemaCon all about the presentation rather than the actual content, the clips shown in San Diego were at 24FPS and in 2D so the focus was kept squarely on ‘what’ was being shown rather than ‘how’ it was being shown. Jackson tells The Huffington Post that “Hall H, a big convention center, that’s not the way to judge it”.

He goes on to say the reaction at CinemaCon had a big influence on the decision – “I think the only logical thing to do is to let people see a feature-length narrative film at 48 frames. I don’t want people to write about 48 frames. Forty-eight frames can be written about in December. When people can actually watch a full length narrative film, everyone can go to town on 48 frames, because that’s the form that you’ve got to see it in. And if you hate it, you hate it. And if you like it, you like it.”