Jackson Spots “Spider-Man” Marketing Mistake

It isn’t just Tom Holland’s mouth that’s causing trouble on the “Spider-Man: Far From Home” marketing push, what looks like an error in the graphics department has drawn the ire of one of the film’s stars – Samuel L. Jackson.

The Marvel Studios regular slammed the studio today after spotting a poster in which his character of Nick Fury is wearing his eyepatch on the wrong eye in one of the spots. The poster itself looks like it was initially made correctly and then at the last minute someone selected ‘Flip Horizontal’ in Photoshop and screwed it up.

In fact, Jackson posted a photo with two side-by-side promo posters – the problematic one, and one that got it right. It was accompanied with the caption: “The Actual F— IS GOING ON HERE???!!! #headsgonroll #lefteyemuthafukkah,”.

Jackson can be seen in theaters currently in the new “Shaft” which opened June 14th. “Spider-Man: Far from Home” opens July 2nd.