Jackson Shoots Down “Hobbit” Rumors

The rumors reached fever pitch the other day that director Peter Jackson would be announcing casting news for “The Hobbit” at this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego. Not so fast.

“No, we won’t be announcing Bilbo for a little while. We’re starting to think about casting, but we’re knee-deep in the script right now. And when we do go to actors, they’re probably going to ask to see a script, so we’re powering ahead with getting the first draft done” the director told Empire Magazine the other day in the lead-up to the event.

Jackson also says that he’s undecided as to his next directorial effort once he wraps “The Lovely Bones”. Jackson says “We are developing a couple of projects which are potentially films that I’d direct for next year. Temeraire is still on the cards. But those are really taking a second place at the moment.”

Naomi Novik’s fantasy novel series “Temeraire” revolves around English and French armies fighting in the Napoleonic wars with dragons.