Jackson Sets “Tintin” Sequel For 2015

During a recent interview with Belgian media, director Peter Jackson confirmed that he’s not waiting until the end of production on “The Hobbit” sequels to get to work on the next “The Adventures of Tintin” movie.

With the Steven Spielberg-directed first film, the actual performance capture shoot was quite short – about one month. The post-production phase however is about two years and doesn’t require the director’s full attention. Spielberg shot and finished “War Horse” while post-production on the first “Tintin” took place.

Jackson will reportedly shoot the performance capture elements for the “Tintin” sequel next year, though it’s unclear presently if that will take place before or after the proposed additional filming on “The Hobbit.”

Then the film would be in post while he finishes work on the next two “The Hobbit” films. The second “Tintin” would then hit screens sometime in 2015.

Source: Bleeding Cool