Jackson On “Hobbit” & Second “Tintin”

At press conference, parties and panels throughout this past weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con, director Peter Jackson was bombarded with questions about “The Hobbit” and what was its current progress.

The answer he gave remained consistent throughout each venue – they are three weeks from delivering the script. Once that’s done they’ll budget the first film and use that script as the basis for budgeting the second. Work on the second script will start later. Also despite all the Net rumors, all the casting talk is false – a fact actor David Tennant joked about twice during Sunday’s “Doctor Who” panel.

On Thursday night during a special ‘intimate party’ with several members of the online press core, I personally asked Jackson about “Tintin”, specifically what adventure would he be adapting for the second film which he is going to direct.

Jackson responded that he hadn’t made up his mind yet but is quite partial to ‘The Seven Crystal Balls’/’Prisoners of the Sun’ two-parter. The choice makes sense as it’s one of the three two-part stories author Herge did with the first, ‘Secret of the Unicorn’/’Red Rackham’s Treasure’, forming the basis of the first film.

The story is set a few months after seven professors return from a Peruvian expedition to discover Incan artifacts. Someone begins putting each of them into a coma via crystal balls containing a powerful gaseous toxin. Tintin and Haddock race to save the professors and later their colleague Calculus who is kidnapped. The adventure takes them high into the Andes and the discovery of a lost Incan civilization.

Later in an interview with Coming Soon, Jackson expanded the scope of his answer saying that stand alone adventures like the Scotland-set ‘The Black Island’ and the kidnap thriller ‘The Calculus Affair’. He also said the last of the two-parters, ‘Destination Moon’/’Explorers on the Moon’, he’d love to do but “as a third or fourth one…I think we should stay on Earth for the second one.”