Jackson Considers Lucas’ Red Tails

During the “Lakeview Terrace ” junket this week, Samuel L. Jackson spoke with IGN Movies about the possibility that he might re-team with “Star Wars” creator George Lucas for the latter’s World War II production “Red Tails”.

“I just read it like two weeks ago. It’s a pretty good script. At one point (Lucas) was asking me if I’d ever want to direct anything. I said, ‘I don’t know, man. I’m trying to find things.’ He said, ‘Well, let me send you this thing. Maybe you might want to direct it.'” says Jackson.

Would he do it? “I don’t know. I don’t have a year and a half of my life where I wanna stop acting…if I was gonna direct something George would be a great guy to kind of mentor me through that, especially a big ass special effects flying picture. The script’s good. I like it.”