Jackman Took Pay Cut For R-Rating Of “Logan”

While the stunning success of “Deadpool” earlier this year definitely helped, 20th Century Fox was still wary about making next year’s final Hugh Jackman as Wolverine movie “Logan” an R-rated affair according to the film’s director James Mangold.

Speaking at a screening of footage at Butt-Numb-a-thon this weekend, Mangold revealed to AICN’s Quint (via The Playlist that Jackman himself is the one who eased their apprehension – by taking a salary cut because he wanted to ensure he could do an R-rated movie.

While the previous film “The Wolverine” was made with PG-13 and R rated cuts which the studio then chose the former of, this is the first time the filmmakers set out to deliberately do an R-rated film and not be limited like they have been in the past.