Jackman Talks The Recasting Of “Wolverine”

Actors are like people, they aren’t getting any younger, which means playing immortal characters that don’t really age can only be done for so long.

Actor Hugh Jackman knows this all too well, and expects that a recasting of his role as Wolverine is inevitable. Speaking with IGN on the set of “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” he was asked about whether there was ever a conversation during the making of the previous entry, “X-Men: First Class,” to feature a young Logan played by a different actor. He says:

“I’m sure they had the discussion. They didn’t mention it to me, obviously! [Laughs] Look, that’s inevitable, man. Anyone who thinks they’re indispensable in this business is fooling themselves.

But I feel unbelievably blessed to have this part. I never thought in a million years I’d get to play him seven times. Every day I walk on the set with the claws and the hair, I thank my lucky stars. I don’t take any of it for granted.

To think that in a second version we’d have this cast and this director, and you guys don’t know the [‘Days of Future Past’] script, but I would say probably the best script of all of them, is pretty amazing.

I think that’s why I’m still here. I’m sure by the way, that it won’t always be my decision to always be here. At some point, someone will close the door on me [Laughs].

For now, ‘Days of Future Past’ looks like Jackman’s potential final outing as the character.