Jack O’Connell Up For “Star Wars: Episode VII”?

Former UK “Skins” star Jack O’Connell is quickly becoming the next “must have” young actor. O’Connell stars in three films next year – “300: Rise of an Empire,” Angelina Jolie’s currently filming “Unbroken”, and the prison drama “Starred Up” which already premiered on the festival circuit to much acclaim.

He’s also been rumored for several major blockbusters set to go into production next year. He’s one of the top candidates to play Reed Richards in the “Fantastic Four” reboot, and was a finalist to star in Matthew Vaughn’s “The Secret Service”.

Now the 23-year-old is rumoured to be in the running for a key role in “Star Wars: Episode VII”. Bleeding Cool says that:

“He’s met with Abrams and the signs I’m getting are that this meeting went very well. I’ve been trying to ascertain if O’Connell’s role is the same one Matt Smith was up for, or indeed the same one that has been subject to open casting calls, and I can’t say that I’m sure.”

O’Connell previously starred in films such as the Michael Caine-led “Harry Brown,” and the brutal horror tale “Eden Lake” alongside Michael Fassbender and Kelly Reilly.