Jack Huston Talks “Crow” Reboot Exit

The upcoming reboot of “The Crow” franchise has not had much luck in terms of a leading man to take on the iconic role.

Luke Evans was originally slated to play Eric Draven in the film and was attached for two years before dropping out due to scheduling conflicts. He was soon replaced with “Boardwalk Empire” scene stealer Jack Huston in the part and things looked good.

Then Huston abruptly dropped out as well, and the project still has yet to lock down a new star though Nicholas Hoult and Jack O’Connell have been mentioned as possibilities. Appearing at Comic Con last weekend to talk “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,” Collider spoke with Huston about his departure and what happened:

“I was so excited about it. I was so sad. I had a great relationship with everyone. Luckily that’s all fine. It’s a scheduling thing. It was just a scheduling conflict. We were all so jazzed to do it. It was one of the hard decisions that I, you know, one can’t do and luckily they’re brilliant and I just want them to just go and make a great movie so I’m just putting my heart out and saying I love everything about those guys.”

The film’s director Corin Hardy revealed a few weeks ago that the plan was to unveil a new leading man soon, but that has yet to happen.