J.J. Abrams To Make The “World Spin”

J.J. Abrams is working on a deal to produce a feature film version of Colum McCann’s award-winning novel “Let the Great World Spin” at Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot says The Hollywood Reporter.

The story is built around Philippe Petit’s real-life “artistic crime of the century” — when the Frenchman illegally walked a tightrope strung between the World Trade Center towers in August 1974. The event was covered in the award-winning doco “Man on Wire” in 2008.

“Spin” however follows an ensemble cast of characters struggling throughout New York including a young Irish monk living among prostitutes in the Bronx; a group of mothers mourning their sons, killed in Vietnam, in a Park Avenue apartment; and a 38-year-old grandmother walking the streets with her teenage daughter.

McCann, whose novels include “Zoli,” “Dancer” and “This Side of Brightness,” will adapt the screenplay himself.