J.J. Abrams Secret “Super 8” On Friday?

Remember the major excitement generated by the “Cloverfield” teaser trailer which premiered to great surprise in front of the first “Transformers”? Well J.J. Abrams may be up to his old tricks again.

HitFix reports that Abrams has directed an as yet unseen teaser trailer for the next low-budget action feature he’s producing (ala “Cloverfield”) currently titled “Super 8” which will be attached to copies of “Iron Man 2”.

The site doesn’t know what’s in the trailer, but it “is rumored to be a “Cloverfield” sequel”. Also it apparently is NOT the project Abrams and Steven Spielberg are teaming on that was announced the other week.

So could someone sneak out a copy? Seems not. The trailers are electronically locked into the film’s final reel canisters – locks which can’t be opened until Thursday afternoon.