J.J. Abrams Has Final Cut On “Force Awakens”

When Disney purchased Lucasfilm a few years ago and the announcement of the new “Star Wars” films were made, one obvious concern was raised – that the Mouse House’ would try to “Disney-fy” the “Star Wars” universe. The dark edges would be stripped away in favor of something that better fits in with the company’s corporate image of commercial-driven, moral heavy, wholesome family product.

Vanity Fair conducted a recent talk in which Apple designer Jony Ive, famed film producer Brian Grazer, and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” director J.J. Abrams spoke about ‘Awakens’ with the most interesting moment coming when Grazer asks Abrams if he had final cut.

Abrams responded “Yeah, yeah” but then added “when you do a Disney project, there’s a clause in there that you kind of go, ‘Well, if I were a lawyer I could probably drive a truck through it.” Abrams then went on to praise the Disney executives for their non-interference:

“I cannot say enough about how Bog Iger and Alan Horn have understood this thing that is now part of the Disney company. And they’re not trying to Disney-fy it, they’re not doing anything other than, I think, an incredibly smart thing, which is letting Kathleen Kennedy – who is a remarkable person and producer – run and lead Lucasfilm to a place where I think it wants to go. They let us make the movie we wanted to make.”

The hour-long full interview video can be seen below: