ITV To Reboot Classic Series “The Saint”

Outside of his stint as James Bond, Roger Moore’s most iconic other role was that of the well dressed Simon Templar, the titular hero of the 1960s TV series “The Saint”.

Today, The Radio Times reports that ITV is planning to reboot the franchise with a pilot being ordered for a modern day incarnation of the series. Leslie Charteris created the original novels that inspired the series which produced 118 episodes and was popular in over sixty countries.

Ed Whitmore (“Waking the Dead”) and Chris Lunt (“Prey”) are penning the pilot for the new version which aims to go into production next year. Whittier says the aim is to produce a show that explores the morals of a man who both fought and committed crimes to do what’s right: “There is a post-Breaking Bad appetite for morally grey characters… Simon Templar is a kind of Robin Hood figure, he’s timeless.”

Along with the 1997 film starring Val Kilmer, numerous attempts were made to revive the property for TV over the years with Ian Ogilvy, Andrew Clarke, Simon Dutton, and Adam Rayner all taking on the role for either telemovies or failed pilots.