ITV Cancels Dino-Hunting “Primeval”

British dinosaur-themed sci-fi series “Primeval” will not be returning for a fourth season reports Total Sci-Fi Online.

The still popular show has fallen victim to substantial budget cuts at the floundering ITV network in the UK which has seen other popular shows like crime procedural “Wire in the Blood” similarly get the axe before their time.

A source close to the production says “Basically ITV have changed their policy about drama before 9pm in that they’ve decided they really don’t want any, at least not of the quality and cost of Primeval. The show remained as popular this run (in terms of audience share) as ever before but the fact is that everyone knows ITV have money problems and they’ve decided that whatever drama budget they’ve got left is better spent after 9pm”

The general thought was that the series was set to finish up next season and ITV itself in April said there were no plans to cancel the show. The average ratings for the show dropped from 6.2 million to 5 million in the UK this past third season, though its audience share (around 25%) has remained the same throughout its run and it was one of the network’s most profitable and highest raters.