It’s Either “City” Or MIB3 For Will Smith

Will Smith will choose between both Sony’s “Men in Black 3” and Fox’s “The City That Sailed” for his next project reports Variety.

‘Men’ needs no introduction as the 1997 first film and its 2002 sequel have pulled in over $1 billion worldwide in box-office. Etan Cohen (“Idiocracy,” “Tropic Thunder”) is penning the script for the third film which the studio is keen to have as one of their Summer 2011 tentpoles.

‘Sailed’ on the other hand has more of a personal interest for Smith as his production company Overbrook Films developed the fantasy drama which Andrew Niccol (“Gattaca,” “Simone”) penned.

That film follows a young girl living in England and separated from her father who is working as a New York City street magician. When she comes upon some magic candles in a lighthouse, her wish to be reunited with her dad causes Manhattan Island to break off and start drifting across the Atlantic Ocean.