It’s Daredevil Who Assembles “The Defenders”

Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury did it for The Avengers. Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne is set to do it for “Justice League”. Now today it seems that actor Charlie Cox has confirmed that his Matt Murdock character in “Daredevil” will be the one to bring the small screen “The Defenders” together for the upcoming Netflix limited event series.

Speaking with Empire Online, the actor says the events of the second season of “Daredevil” showed to the character that he can’t take on the fight alone and so goes about getting Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist onboard for this fight.

“He can’t do this alone. He’s been so adamant about being a lone wolf, about doing it himself, so I think that in order for him to get to The Defenders we needed this second season. We needed to see him be broken individually so that he can – he’s willing to form a team. The lesson that Matt has had to learn in the second season of Daredevil is that he needs help.”

The third season of “Daredevil” is said to be coming later than expected as filming on “The Defenders” mini-series essentially takes its production slot later this year. In related news, “Iron Fist” leading man Finn Jones is currently hard at work preparing for his role which will begin filming shortly.

Speaking about that prep, the actor tells EW:

“At the moment I’m in the physical preparation for the role. Every day for the last month, I start my day with about two and a half hours of martial arts – which is kung fu and wushu mixed with a bit of tai chi, and other stuff as well. In the afternoon I’ll do weight training with a trainer to bulk me up and get my physically right for the part. And in evenings I’ve been doing meditation classes and learning buddhist philosophies.”

The “Iron Fist” series will premiere early 2017, ‘Defenders’ is likely due mid-late 2017.