It Remake Returning To Warner Brothers?

With director Cary Fukunaga departing the project over the holiday weekend, it seemed the two-film adaptation of Stephen King’s “It” was done and dusted at New Line, with a subsequent report indicating that the project was indefinitely shelved.

Today, Bloody Disgusting has posted a counter report which says that the project is still alive and moving back to Warner Bros. Pictures after being shifted to New Line.

On top of that the project will keep Fukunaga’s plan of being a two-movie format and will be shot in New York City, something Fukunaga was adamant about wanting to do but which New Line was reportedly not keen on due to the expense. With the shift back to Warners though, it seems many of Fukunaga’s apparent grievances with the project are being solved.

Does that mean the “True Detective” and “Jane Eyre” helmer might return to the project? Unfortunately the report claims that despite the changes, he will not be back. The studio does intend to use the existing scripts that he and Palmer wrote though.

Whether Warners will keep Will Poulter onboard as Pennywise is also unknown at this point. The studio is reportedly aiming to lock in a new director within the next few weeks and filming aims to kick off before the end of this year.