“IT” Poster, Clip Details, New Trailer Next Week

Warner Bros. Pictures has confirmed that the next trailer for their upcoming film adaptation of Stephen King’s “IT” is slated to arrive next week. Ahead of that though, the studio released a new poster which you can see below.

Both the trailer and two clips from the film were screened to rave reactions. The clips focused on the kids – though one reportedly boasts a glimpse of Pennywise the clown waving at someone with the very bloody and dismembered arm of a child which he’s been nibbling on.

Additionally, the trailer is said to boast a scene with one of the kids in a shadowy room full of clown dolls – one of them turns out to be Pennywise who flashes a set of razor-sharp teeth and lunges at a character.

The film’s director Andres Muschietti confirmed at the Con that he’s returning to helm the second film which aims to begin production early next year. This first film opens in cinemas in early September.