“IT” Helmer To Direct “Attack On Titan”

It Helmer To Direct Attack On Titan

“IT” and “Mama” director Andy Muschietti has signed on to helm a big-budget live-action film adaptation of the popular manga franchise “Attack on Titan” at Warner Bros. Pictures.

The action is set a century after the sudden arrival of mysterious gigantic humanoid creatures named Titans who devour human beings one after the other. The creatures brought mankind to the brink of extinction, and the remnants of the human population now live in relative peace behind massive walls erected to defend themselves.

Rather than using the original manga or the 2013 anime series, the film is said to be an adaptation of the two-part Japanese live-action film adaptation that debuted in 2015. David Heyman, Masi Oka, and Barbara Muschietti will produce but no screenwriter has yet been announced.

The project is expected to be Muschietti’s next film once he finishes “IT: Chapter Two” opening September next year. He’s previously been attached to multiple other projects including a “Robotech” film.

Source: Variety