It Follows VOD Release Now Delayed

After changing their mind, then going back to the original plan, Radius-TWC has now seemingly changed their mind again about the video-on-demand release of horror feature “It Follows”.

The movie opened in very limited release on March 13th ahead of a planned VOD release on March 27th. However, the movie over performed both critically and commercially, garnering the best per screen average of the year thus far and review scores more akin to ‘best of year’ awards calibre movies than anything else.

It’s so good that the distributors realise the film is performing well enough that they are going to chase the big bucks. So, the VOD release of the film has now been shelved for the time being and no new date has been slated, though it’s likely to be much further off now.

Instead, the film will now expand to 40 screens on Friday ahead of a wide 1,000 screen release on the 27th instead. The National Association of Theaters Owners, essentially the exhibitor lobbying group, was understandably joyous over the decision with a spokesman telling Variety:

“The Weinstein Company made a smart decision. We are in favor of exploiting theatrical opportunities to the fullest. We are in favor of exploiting every window to the fullest. It’s good to see that TWC understood that a short or simultaneous VOD window limited the earnings potential of ‘It Follows.'”

David Robert Mitchell helmed the film from his own script. Boasting a budget of under $2 million, the movie is expected to fare quite well at the box-office.