It Follows Still Hitting VOD Next Week

Many films at festivals seem to live in a kind of ‘bubble’, garnering great praise at their premieres amongst film fans – only to fall flat on their face with more regular critics and audience members. The Sundance Film Festival in particular regularly sees its share of bubble films which burst once they leave the comforting confines of a receptive Park City crowd.

This year though one Sundance premiere has not only escaped it, it has surpassed even the early praising of the festival – the horror tale “It Follows”. Opening last Friday on four screens, the film pulled in a nearly $41,000 per screen average which is the best of the year thus far.

Even more impressive though are the reviews. The film is getting not just good for the horror genre, but amongst the best films of the year style numbers – 95% & 8.3/10 on Rotten Tomatoes and 82/100 on Metacritic.

There’s a complication though. The film’s distributor, Radius-TWC, had already announced a VOD release date on iTunes, Amazon and the like for next Friday (March 27th). With the better than expected success of the film, there was talk over the weekend that the VOD release would be pushed back and the film was going to expand to about 1,000 theaters instead on that date.

Now though, IndieWire says that the company has returned to their original VOD plan despite said plans being thrown into question just a few days ago.

The film is expanding its run outside New York and Los Angeles this coming Friday, see here for a full list of cinemas. It should then be viewable on VOD platforms from late next week.