“IT” Films To Run Longer Than Mini-Series

The British Board of Film Classification has announced that Andy Muschietti’s “IT,” the upcoming first of a two-film adaptation of the iconic Stephen King novel, has a runtime of 135 minutes.

The previous mini-series adaptation in 1990 ran 192 minutes, but the new “IT” film is essentially only half the book with a second film due to shoot early next year. That film will deal with the other half in which the kids have become adults (though there are expected to be flashback scenes with the same kids).

Barring the unexpected, the second film will have to clock in at no less than 85 minutes and more likely closer to the two-hour mark which would mean the pair together would run longer than the original mini-series by up to an hour.

Clocking in at 1,140 pages, the book is one of King’s larger works and so any adaptation needs a serious runtime to cover it. This marks a welcome change for King fans who have expressed nerves over the release this week of “The Dark Tower” which adapts King’s eight-novel saga into a 95-minute film.

Source: BBFC