“IT” Director Remakes “The Time Machine”

It Director Remakes The Time Machine

Just days after he was announced as having signed on for the live-action adaptation of the “Attack on Titan” anime franchise, and one day after he announced the wrapping of filming on the “IT” sequel, director Andy Muschietti has become attached to a new adaptation of H.G. Wells’ classic “The Time Machine” at Warner Bros. Pictures and Appian Way.

The story follows an English scientist living in Victorian England who has built a contraption capable of moving forward and backwards through time. He uses it to travel into the far future where he finds a civilisation made up of two types of beings – the beautiful but vapid Eloi and the monstrous Morlocks.

Muschietti has reportedly co-written a script with Barbara Muschietti and plans to direct the project while she will produce with Jennifer Davisson and Leonardo DiCaprio. Whether ‘Time’ or ‘Titan’ will go first once production on “IT: Chapter Two” is fully complete is not clear but with all three productions based at Warners there won’t be a conflict. Muschietti’s also been attached to both a live-action “Robotech” remake and the Russos-produced “The Electric State”.

“The Time Machine” has been adapted twice for the big screen – in 1960 starring Rod Taylor, and in 2002 starring Guy Pearce. A new mini-series adaptation is in the works for UK cabler Sky and was announced back in August.

Source: Deadline