Issa Rae To Produce “Awoken” Sci-Fi Series

“Insecure” star Issa Rae is reportedly pitching the bold dystopian sci-fi series “The Awoken” to broadcasters and streaming services in the wake of launching a diverse writers’ initiative through her production company ColorCreative TV.

Katelyn Howes penned the project about Alabine Rivers, a young adult who is resurrected from cryogenic preservation in 2103 – a very different world from what she left behind. Rivers is forced to join an underground network of rebels fighting for the basic human rights of The Awoken, others like her who have been frozen and then resurrected.

All of her kind are ruthlessly hunted down by a regime has restricted scientific advancement and technology and returned the country to an agrarian dystopia. A ten-minute pilot presentation was shown to potential buyers today.

Source: Deadline