Is Universal Planning A “Namor” Movie?

Speculation has arisen that two separate stories this week are actually linked.

The first was that Universal Pictures and Legendary Pictures are planning to announce a secret tentpole event movie for November 4th 2016. The other is that Zac Efron has been linked to a secret Marvel movie project and is pondering the script at present.

Latino Review claims the two could be one and the same. What is that movie? An adaptation of the comic hero “Namor: The Sub-Mariner”. Asking both Universal and Legendary for a response, both studios said they had no comment.

Universal still holds the rights to Marvel’s Namor character, and such a move would get them into comic book movies – something they’ve yet to really do thus far.

As there’s no official confirmation or denial, chalk this up as just a rumor for now even though several sources have reportedly indicated the “Namor” film is happening.