Is The “Bioshock” Movie Back On?

A year ago it seemed the dream was over – plans for a film based on the highly acclaimed video game series “Bioshock” at Universal were dead according to Irrational Games co-founder Ken Levine. Now though, it looks like it may have new life at another studio.

Kotaku reports that Sony Pictures has registered three new web domains –, and – which suggests they’re interested in reviving the property.

It certainly isn’t out of the question as the company is leading the charge to bring numerous video game properties to the big screen including “Uncharted,” “Watch Dogs,” “The Last of Us” and “Gran Turismo”.

The first two games in the series take place in the city of Rapture, an underwater utopia built for unethical scientists. The third game, “Bioshock Infinite,” took place in Columbia, a cloud city utopia for religious zealots. In both cases, these cities have gone off the rails and are now highly dangerous places which you, the player, find yourself in.

“Pirates of the Caribbean” director Gore Verbinski was originally attached to helm but ultimately withdrew. Issues with the previous versions related to both budget and the film’s rating which would have to be a “hard R”.