Is “Star Wars: Episode VII” Being Rushed?

One thing about the studio system that often leads to a compromise of film quality is when a project is rushed to meet an unfeasible pre-announced release date. Rumblings have emerged today that “Star Wars: Episode VII” may have have fallen into that trap over at Disney.

With the film’s writer Michael Arndt exiting the project last week and J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan taking over scripting duties, insiders tell THR reports that that the script isn’t close to being ready.

As a result, producer Kathleen Kennedy and much of the film’s creative team have asked for the film’s release to be pushed to 2016 to give them adequate time. However, studio CEO Robert Iger is “adamant” that ‘Episode VII’ must open in 2015.

Abrams is said to be “more in sync” with Iger’s desire to hit that 2015 release no matter what, but it’s a mandate which means that there’s literally no margin for error.