Is Stallone Coming To “The Purge” Franchise?

Is Stallone Coming To The Purge Franchise

The other month, horror megaproducer Jason Blum posted a photo of a meeting he conducted with Jamie Lee Curtis which led to immediate speculation that a follow-up to last year’s 2018 “Halloween” revival was in the works. A few weeks later, news of back-to-back sequels in that series was announced.

Cut to today and Blum has once again teased a potential future announcement – in this case he’s lining up a new project with Sylvester Stallone. Photos were posted of Stallone and Blum meeting along with another man – “The Purge” franchise creator James DeMonaco.

With a fifth film in that series, one that’s said to be the final one in the franchise, gearing up to go into production soon ahead of a July 2020 release – the immediate thought is that Stallone will take on a role in the project which Everardo Gout will helm. Check out the photos below: