Is Nightwatch Coming To “Spider-Man”?

One of the most interesting creations of Spider-Man’s 1990s comics era was a character named Nightwatch (aka. Dr. Kevin Trench). Described as a blend of Spawn and Azrael, and with elements that include time travel and nanotechnology, the masked crime-fighter is a curious character who could make for a very cinematic one.

Now, Bleeding Cool is reporting that Sony are looking to possible introduce the character in either “Spider-Man: Homecoming” or, more likely, another film down the road. They also indicate Sony employees are buying up Nightwatch comics left and right at the moment.

One person who won’t be in the new film is UFC Champion Tyron Woodley who tells FOX UFC he was cast in the film in a villain role, but his mentioning of it on Twitter got him in hot water with Marvel’s legal team:

“I said that I could be working on a Marvel movie very soon, and I didn’t put two-and-two together. I was in Atlanta, the only Marvel movie at that time was Spider-Man – I didn’t put those things together. When you’re working on a Marvel movie, their legal department do not play. They got word of it, and their legal department started coming down on me and the people that were casting me for the part.”

Woodley went on to explain that he didn’t do it he had a previous obligation with Fox, one with more long term prospects than the Spider-Man role he was being offered. Shooting on the new film is continuing in New York, check out more new photos from the set below: