Is “Joker” Casting For Rupert Thorne?

Is Joker Casting For Rupert Thorne

A new character description for the Todd Philips-directed “Joker” origin film at Warner Bros. Pictures has gone online and suggests the inclusion of a character familiar to Bat-fans.

Geeks Worldwide reports that casting agents are looking for a character named ‘Mr. Warner’ in a strong supporting role. The description reads: “Male, Caucasian, 60s, a deeply-tanned, hair dyed so black it was almost blue, highly successful, New York City businessman, rumoured to be running for Mayor. He’s a public figure in the city and a symbol of wealth.”

With ‘Warner’ likely a codename, this has led to speculation the role is that of Rupert Thorne from the comics. The character was a corrupt politician who ended up becoming a powerful crime boss in his bid to become mayor. The character was also a key regular in the 1990s on “Batman: The Animated Series,” while Christopher Walken’s “Batman Returns” role of Max Shreck was believed to have been influenced by the Thorne character.

Joaquin Phoenix stars as The Joker in the new film which begins shooting this September in New York.