Is Fugit The New Spider-Man?

Last week came a report that Sony Pictures was looking into shooting the next two “Spider-Man” movies back-to-back based on James Vanderbilt’s scripts.

Now according to Latino Review, producers Laura Ziskin and Grant Curtis are looking at a new name to play Peter Parker – and it’s not the previously mentioned Jake Gyllenhaal.

Instead, Patrick Fugit (“Almost Famous,” “Wristcutters”) is rumoured to be at the top of their list to replace Tobey Maguire should he bow out.

They also say that if it doesn’t work out, Michael Angarano (“The Forbidden Kingdom,” TV’s “Will and Grace”) is their next potential replacement.

Al of this is speculation for now, but LR has been known for breaking some very big superhero casting scoops in the past (most notably Brandon Routh).

* * Update 11:41am: Sony Pictures has released an official comment stating that there’s no truth to talk of them seeking a replacement for Tobey Maguire * *