Is Emily Carmichael Helming “Captain Marvel”?

A several week old Instagram photo of indie filmmaker and animator Emily Carmichael has become a speculated about potential clue as to who might direct the standalone “Captain Marvel” film at Marvel Studios and Disney Pictures.

A few weeks back came a report from The Wrap’s Jeff Sneider which suggested that both the actress cast in the title role and the film’s director share the same first name, and that the leading actress cast in the part is someone we’ve all heard rumored in the past.

To date, the only credible reports have suggested Emily Blunt for the role, and so it wasn’t long before “Penny Arcade” web series director Emily Carmichael came up as a potential. That was soon followed by “Captain Marvel” screenwriter Nicole Perlman following Carmichael on Twitter, and said Instagram photo by Carmichael which reportedly included the caption “on my way to a Disney meeting” before being changed to something far more vague and innocuous.

Source: CBM