Is Dr. Doom Going To Be A Woman?

A new story over at The Hollywood Reporter goes into the casting process on the upcoming “Fantastic Four” reboot and throws in a new curveball.

They’ve learned that not only perennial antagonist Doctor Doom will be the villain again, but the studio is considering the possibility of switching the character’s gender. Whichever way they go, a big name actor/actress will be cast in the role.

They also go into the casting of the four heroes themselves with a number of actors tested just this week.

Kate Mara and Emmy Rossum went in for Sue Storm, Miles Teller tested for Reed Richards and British actor Christian Cooke tested for Ben Grimm. They once again re-iterate that Michael B. Jordan is the only actor in contention for the role of Johnny Storm due to Fox exercising an option they have on him after “Chronicle”.

Filming on the project is slated to begin in Baton Rouge this March. The film’s director, Josh Trank, has vehemently denied a recent ‘leaked’ synopsis had anything to do with the reboot, telling Bad Ass Digest that “the only truth in that plot description is that there are four characters named Reed, Ben, Sue and Johnny.”