Irrfan Khan Talks His “Jurassic World” Role

Irrfan Khan has spoken briefly about his role as the Masrani, the billionaire owner of the dinosaur park in Colin Trevorrow’s “Jurassic World”. In the film, Masrani bought InGen after the death of John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) and sought to realise his original vision.

Khan tells THR his character is flamboyant and good intentioned but lacking in wisdom. Describing the film’s tone, he says:

“It’s the Jurassic World of these times, with all the technical experimentation. It has now become a fully-bloomed dinosaur amusement park. Dinosaurs in this film will definitely be scary, but this is not a horror film, so it will be like a scary adventure.”

Asked about how difficult a shoot it was, the actor had a refreshingly pragmatic approach regarding what’s important when filming on a big-budget blockbuster like this:

“As an actor what’s most important is how the story and the director make you feel on the set and that’s immaterial if you have CGI or real partners. If you have a good chemistry with the director everything’s fine and I really loved the playfulness of the script and Colin’s approach.”

“Jurassic World” is currently slated for a June 12th 2015 release.