Irons, Neill Board “Tutankhamun” Mini-Series

Max Irons and Sam Neill have joined the cast of ITV’s event series “Tutankhamun”.

Peter Webber (“Emperor”) will direct and Guy Burt (“Jekyll and Hyde,” “The Borgias”) is writing all the episodes of this epic story of Howard Carter’s discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb.

Starting from 1905, Carter (Irons) was an eminent British archaeologist in his twenties whose license is revoked by Cairo’s Antiquities Service.

After years spent broke and ostracised, a chance meeting with the dashing British aristocrat Lord Carnarvon (Neill) begins an unlikely friendship. The pair ultimately discover the last resting place of the boy-king in 1921 against all odds and at great personal expense.

Francis Hopkinson and Catherine Oldfield will executive produce and Simon Lewis will produce. Filming will take place in South Africa during the winter and early 2016.

Source: Deadline