Iron Spider, Red Hulk & “Infinity War” Talk

Following its domination of this Summer at the movie box-office, Marvel Studios is bringing the $1.1 billion earning “Captain America: Civil War” to home video release in a few weeks. Before it hits though, several more bits of information regarding the film have popped up with directors Anthony Russo and Joe Russo revealing that two different Marvel Comics characters almost made it into the film – Red Hulk and Iron Spider.

Back during production, the return of William Hurt as General Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross led to speculation that his character would transform into the Red Hulk in the film. That rumor was obviously unfounded, nevertheless Joe Russo tells that Red Hulk may one day appear:

“We had so many characters in that movie as it was. We consider everything, obviously, but with so many characters in that movie as it was to try and entertain adding another character and to get to the Red Hulk, you have to add a back story. You have to substantiate the narrative to get to that. [Thaddeus Ross], on our list of priorities, he was there sort of as the government’s agenda and not to add another complicated super powered character to the mix. We spent the last six to eight months crafting stories around the cornucopia of characters at our disposal so anything is possible.”

Joe Russo added that they almost included the Iron Spider suit from the 2006 Civil War comics as well but ultimately it didn’t happen: “Again, that falls in that category of anything’s possible. We consider everything.”

Right now the brothers are prepping “Avengers: Infinity War” which is said to contain upwards of 67 characters and unite the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. In a separate interview with IGN, Joe Russo explains how the ending of ‘Civil War’ sets up fascinating prospects for ‘Infinity War’:

“Part of what excited us about how we could end ‘Civil War,’ and the fact that there is this divide between Cap and Tony and their relationship that will be very, very difficult for them to ever repair, the fact that the Avengers are divided in two and half of them are now wanted by the law and the other fact are not too comfortable with their fate moving forward, and the fact that Thanos and the Infinity War are coming – the greatest threat the universe has ever seen is going to come at the moment where the Avengers are arguably at their lowest, at their worst, at their least strong and most divided since they’ve been formed – that for us was a very exciting place for us to be as storytellers because of the vulnerable nature of our heroes in that kind of a situation. For us, as we move forward into ‘Infinity War,’ the condition of the Avengers is very much an important part of how that story starts and what dangers they face moving forward.”

“Avengers: Infinity War” begins filming at the end of the year. “Captain America: Civil War” hits Digital HD on September 2nd and disc formats on September 13th.