“Iron Man” Scribes Pen A “Men in Black” Spin-Off

Sony Pictures has begun development of a new spin-off in the “Men in Black” film franchise, one that will not feature Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones.

The project isn’t being labelled a reboot, rather an expansion on the world of the original trilogy with a larger global scope. Comparisons are being made to “Jurassic World” in terms of how it will stay in continuity and yet remain separate.

The project is very different to the aborted “21 Jump Street” mashup planned a while back – even though that film remains in development.

“Iron Man” scribes Matt Holloway & Art Marcum will be the new “Men in Black” spin-off and the studio has already set a May 17th 2019 release date for it.

Producers Walter F. Parkes and Laurie MacDonald and executive producer Steven Spielberg are onboard the project which is currently out to top directors.

Source: Deadline