Iron Man Lands Strong Opening & Reviews

After an absolutely dead first four months at the box-office this year, “Iron Man” officially kicked started the big Summer movie stakes with an estimated haul of $30 million on Friday, and $5.2 million from Thursday night previews.

The superhero flick looks on course to come in somewhere around the $90 million mark for the three-day weekend – making it around the tenth biggest opening of all time, and the most successful non-sequel opening of any film short of the original “Spider-Man” in 2002. The film also took in $22.4 million internationally in its first two days from 35 markets.

Reviews have been stellar as well. Rotten Tomatoes has it listed at a 94% positive rating – making it the best reviewed wide release so far this year, and more surprisingly the best reviewed comic book movie of all time. The Tomatometer however is fundamentally flawed as mixed and mildly positive reviews are generally counted as raves. In this case, a lot of the positive reviews have had conditional remarks and issues with the film (the most common complaint being the script/story & last act, the most common praise being the cast and the direction).

On Metacritic, the film has scored an excellent ‘Generally favorable reviews’ with a 78/100 metascore and an 8.6/10 user score – again making it the best reviewed wide release so far this year. Still, the most accurate measure I’ve found in the past is Rotten Tomatoes’ ‘Average Rating’ marker which takes into account scores and variations. In this case, “Iron Man” stacks up extremely well, but more realistically, against its comic bretheren:

Spider-Man 2: 8.2/10
Superman (1978): 8.0/10

Batman Begins: 7.7/10
*** IRON MAN ***: 7.6/10
Spider-Man: 7.6/10
X-Men 2: 7.4/10
Superman II: 7.4/10
Superman Returns: 7.1/10

X-Men: 6.9/10
Batman (1989): 6.9/10
V for Vendetta: 6.8/10
Hellboy: 6.7/10
Batman Returns: 6.6/10
Hulk (2003): 6.2/10
Spider-Man 3: 6.2/10

X-Men – The Last Stand: 5.9/10
Blade 2: 5.9/10
Blade: 5.6/10
Batman Forever: 5.2/10
Daredevil: 5.2/10

Fantastic Four – Rise of the Silver Surfer: 4.7/10
Fantastic Four: 4.5/10
Blade Trinity: 4.4/10
Superman III: 4.4/10
Ghost Rider: 4.3/10

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: 3.9/10
Batman and Robin: 3.5/10
Superman IV: The Quest for Peace: 3.0/10