Iron Man High, But Hulk Low?

“Iron Man” passed the $300 million domestic box-office mark on Wednesday, the first film this year to do so, and did it in 48 days – just behind last Summer’s “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End” which got there in 44.

The superhero film is still going strong. It currently stands as the 27th most successful film all time domestically and will pass 2003’s “Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl” $305 million total haul during the weekend. ‘Iron’ has racked up a massive worldwide cume of $549.6 million so far.

Global total wise though, the armor-clad superhero is being beaten by a fedora-clad archaeologist as “Indiana Jones” so far has racked up a $640 million international haul. Domestically in its 28th day of release it stands at $280.9 million and should pass the $300 million mark around the end of the month.

Box-Office Mojo meanwhile has an interesting column which gives a day-by-day breakdown of the performance of both film versions of “Hulk” and the surprise is the new one has fallen behind the old – even during the week.

In its first six days 2003’s “Hulk” took in $77.6 million to 2008’s “Incredible Hulk” with $70.7 million. Yesterday was the first time the new Hulk outpaced with the old with $4.5m vs. $4.35m.

At its current rate, the new “Hulk” looks like it’ll gross a total around the $130 million mark – the same as Ang Lee’s so-called ‘flop’.

Reviews aren’t a huge margin of difference either. Rotten Tomatoes has 2003’s “Hulk” scoring a 61% positive & 6.2/10 score vs. 2008’s “Incredible Hulk” score with 66% positive & the same 6.2/10 average score.

Over at Metacritic its more divided with old “Hulk” getting a 54/100 & 5.2/10 score whereas new “Hulk” got 61/100 & 8.1/10.