Iron Man 3 Post-Credits Spoiler Details

“Iron Man 3” has begun premiering around the world ahead of its international release late next week. As a result, word has emerged of the film’s post-credits scene.

Turns out it isn’t really a tease for “The Avengers 2” as much as a comedic side bit, albeit featuring a welcome cameo. Latino Review has an apparent breakdown. SPOILERS AHEAD of course:

“It starts with a close shot of Tony Stark on a couch talking about his various traumas, as if he was seeing a [psychiatrist]. The tone of the scene is light and funny. Then we discover that the person he’s talking to is Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo), who fell asleep because of Tony’s boring story.

Tony remarks that Banner has been sleeping during most of his story and yells at him, and Banner just mumbles and says ‘You know, I’m not that kind of doctor!’ Then Tony recalls another memory and resumes his monologue, and then we see Banner starting to fall asleep again.”

Source: Latino Review