Iron Man 2 Cast Call & Rourke Back?

Spoiler TV has just posted a new casting call for background roles the “Iron Man” sequel with some interesting roles up for grabs.

The call requires actors for that of a French waiter with an “authentic Monaco accent”; various guards that require the actor be fluent in Russian; a Mongolian gangster; various 20-something technicians, and a beautiful, sexy and authoritative Caucasian late 20’s brunette; and a late 40’s – mid 50’s handsome, intelligent and dynamic male.

Meanwhile despite a quote from Mickey Rourke himself that it looks like he may be out of the running for the upcoming “Iron Man” sequel, sources tell EW that “an offer still stands, though nothing’s yet being negotiated”.

Many wonder if the negotiations will change depending upon whether he wins the Best Actor Oscar at tonight’s ceremony.