“Iron Fist” Star Responds To Bad Reviews

The love affair with Marvel and Netflix shows seems to be waning as “Iron Fist,” the upcoming fourth collaboration between the two companies, was widely panned by critics who had seen the first few episodes ahead of its release this coming Friday.

The series currently stands at a dismal 32/100 on Metacritic, easily the worst score for a TV series launch (new or returning) in the first three months of the year.

Despite this, the show’s star Finn Jones says the show can stand alongside the likes of “Daredevil” and “Jessica Jones,” and fell back on an old excuse often used by actors involved in the DCEU films to date when asked about the critical reaction – namely it’s “for the fans”. Jones tell Metro this week:

“I think some of the reviews we saw were seeing the show through a very specific lens. I think when the fans of the Marvel Netflix world and fans of the comic books view the show through the lens of just wanting to enjoy a superhero show, then they will really enjoy what they see.

What I will say is these shows are not made for critics; they are first and foremost made for the fans. It’s a fantastic show which is really fun and I think it stands up there with the other Defenders’ shows without a doubt.”

Jones stars as Danny Rand, the heir to a corporate empire who becomes the titular martial arts hero. While some of the criticism has been targeted at the casting, much of it has been more about fundamental issues with the writing, characterisation and story.

In a separate interview with Yahoo, Jones says budgetary restrictions meant that the dragon Shou-Lao – the beast whom Danny fights to gain his powers in the comics – doesn’t appear in the new season:

“I’d love to have the budget for these shows to have a full-on Game of Thrones style dragon, but unfortunately you know, we have budget restraints. That’s the nature of the show. We do allude to it in Iron Fist, in a very intelligent way. And definitely in The Defenders… but I think, you know, we’ve got to be realistic.”

Jones also confirmed that two unannounced characters appear in the second half of the season – one of which might be Silver Serpent. Jones will have another chance to play Danny in “The Defenders” which has been in production for a while and hits Netflix later this year. “Iron Fist” hits the streaming service on March 17th.