“Iron Fist” Is Netflix’s Top 2017 Series

Despite the scathing reviews, Netflix’s “Marvel’s Iron Fist” has managed to earn an accolade which indicates the reviews had little impact on enthusiasm for the show.

The fourth of Marvel and Netflix’s superhero drama was the most binge-watched show of 2017 so far according to data from research firm 7Park Data.

The analysts measure number of streams on subscription video services and found that 54.7% of “Iron Fist” streams on the premiere date were of episodes three or higher. The average hour-long show on Netflix has a binge score of 46.9%.

“Iron Fist” accounted for 14.6% of all Netflix streams on March 17th – the highest percentage of any series premiere that 7Park measured – topping “Marvel’s Luke Cage” (12.8%) and “Marvel’s Daredevil” S2 (13.8%).

Source: Variety