“Iron Fist” Is Dead, But Iron Fist Lives On?

Iron Fist Is Dead But Iron Fist Lives On

On Friday last week came the news that the Netflix/Marvel series “Iron Fist” was cancelled after two seasons, the first of the Marvel & Netflix shows to get the axe.

Numerous reports have now emerged suggesting that while the show is definitely over, the character looks likely to live on. EW reports that Finn Jones’ Danny Rand plans to continue showing up in the Marvel Universe and Deadline adds that the axing can open doors to the superhero appearing on the yet-to-be-launched Disney streaming service.

While “Iron Fist” may be over, Marvel and Netflix are sticking with “Daredevil” which is launching its third season this week and is already making plans for a fourth, while the second season of “The Punisher” has already completed filming and will likely bow early next year.

The fate of “Luke Cage,” “Jessica Jones” and “The Defenders” is unclear at present but should ‘Cage’ get canned it could potentially open the door for a “Heroes for Hire” spin-off on Disney’s streaming service.