“Irishman” Gets Netflix’s Biggest Cinema Rollout

Irishman Tested Tech With Goodfellas Scene

The debate about theatrical windows continues to rage in the United States and France between exhibitors and streamers, not to mention cinephiles, with Martin Scorsese’s gangster epic “The Irishman” and its limited cinematic rollout being the topic du jour in this arena.

Intriguingly though, some exhibitors in other parts of the world seemingly have far fewer issues with mandating lengthy theatrical runs for titles. Consequently this has led to “The Irishman” scoring the biggest theatrical rollout of any Netflix film to date reports Variety.

Key international markets screening the three-and-a-half-hour mob epic have reportedly bolstered its profile, with relatively large releases in major overseas territories such as the U.K., Italy, Japan and South Korea. Even after it drops on Netflix worldwide this coming Wednesday, its theatrical release is expected to continue around the world.

Even in places like Italy, where there was an uproar among exhibitors this time last year over “Roma” getting a solid theatrical release, the film is opening without any protest. Whether international exhibitors’ greater acceptance of the film is a permanent shift toward Netflix releases remains unknown at this point.