Iranian Killing Controversy Is Over

A scene in Wayne Kramer’s upcoming race-themed ensemble drama “Crossing Over” has been redone in order to avoid offending Iranians reports The Guardian.

The scene, in which an Iranian character murders his sister in a so-called “honour killing” after he learns she has been having an affair with a Latino man, has been changed after complaints.

After receiving a complaint and checking the screenplay, The National Iranian American Council (NIAC) called the scene unrealistic and inflammatory and approached director Wayne Kramer during the shoot to demand changes.

Apparently changes were made following an ongoing discussion between the filmmakers and NIAC members.

NIAC president Trita Parsi says “Honour killings are accepted in some Middle Eastern cultures but not accepted in Iranian culture. They sometimes happen in remote areas of Iran, but there are no cases of Iranians doing this in the US.”

Harrison Ford, Sean Penn, Ashley Judd and Ray Liotta all star in the project opening later this year.