Intriguing “Dredd,” “Deadpool” Petitions Surface

A new petition over at has requested 20th Century Fox to simultaneously release both an R-rated version and a PG-13 version of their upcoming comic book adaptation “Deadpool”.

The campaign began due to a letter from an eight-year-old’s letter to his mother desperate to see the film, even though it has an R rating for nudity and violence.Beyond the Trailer began the campaign suggesting the studio should release both R-rated and PG-13-rated cuts.

With just one month left until the movie’s release, there’s likely not be enough time to put together a PG-13 rated cut even if FOX was keen on the idea. No response as yet from official channels to said petition.

Meanwhile the fan movement for another live-action “Dredd” film has been reinvented. Now dubbed ‘Bring Back Dredd,’ the new campaign is calling out for fans to grab the attention of streaming platforms like HBO, Hulu, Amazon or Netflix in hopes that a sequel to the film can come in the form of a TV series. The petition is already at 136,000 signatures and you can add your name at this site.