Into Darkness Opening Weekend Box-Office

Estimates are in with “Star Trek Into Darkness’ scoring $70.6 million from Friday to Sunday, and $84 million for its opening four and a half days. While it’s lagging behind the first film domestically, internationally it’s currently at $80.5M and is performing 80% above what the 2009 film was doing.

Should it continue at the current rate, it’s likely both domestic and foreign markets will deliver a gross in the low $200 million range each.

After a slow opening day Thursday, J.J. Abrams’ sci-fi sequel “Star Trek Into Darkness” jumped up on Friday with a $22 million haul for that day.

Projections are that the film will have a four-day domestic opening weekend haul of $83 million – that’s barely within Paramount’s expectations and below the wild claims of $100 million that various prognosticators were throwing about.

In comparison, the 2009 reboot pulled in $79.2 million over its opening weekend so these estimates would put the sequel, which cost $190 million compared to the $150 million of the first, on par with the 2009 film at best. It’s not certain how much of a bump the film is getting for the 3D surcharge, something the first film didn’t have.

Internationally though is where the film is expected to make up any potential domestic shortfall. The 2009 film pulled in a highly impressive $257 domestic haul but a rather poor $128 million overseas tally. It’s hoped that latter number for the sequel will come in much closer to $200 million by the time it ends its run.

Having opened in half the global market, the non-U.S. haul is expected to total $75 million by the end of this weekend. However, stiff competition from “Fast and Furious 6” and “The Great Gatsby” could have an impact. FF6 opened in the UK on Friday to $4.6 million – the best opening performance ever for a Universal title.

Source: THR