Interstellar Is Nolan’s Longest Film

Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar” is reportedly set to be the filmmaker’s longest film to date – clocking in at 169 minutes according to The Film Stage.

Nolan hasn’t done a film below two hours since “Insomnia”. His previous two longest films were “The Dark Knight Rises” at 165 minutes, “The Dark Knight” at 152 minutes, “Inception” at 148 minutes and “Batman Begins” at 140 minutes.

Meanwhile, Slashfilm reports that IMAX will be installing a 15perf/70mm film projection system inside the TCL Chinese Theater IMAX in Hollywood exclusively for the run of “Interstellar”.

Before this point, the theater used an IMAX xenon dual digital projection system and is planning on swapping over to a laser projection system next year. The film will also screen in 70mm IMAX at Universal City in Los Angeles.